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Wall Sawing Services in Austin, College Station and San Antonio

Texas Cutting and Coring offers a wide variety of Wall-Sawing services in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and elsewhere. 

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Wall Sawing Services in Austin, San Antonio and Beyond

Serving clients in Waco, Austin, College Station San Antonio and nationwide!

From the basics of window and door openings to the precise work of selective demolition, Texas Cutting and Coring has all of your wall sawing needs covered. Our highly trained team of equipment operators are focused and dedicated to superior workmanship from start to finish.

For Texas wall sawing projects, we use our in-house, custom-built machinery that can cut horizontal and vertical (up to 14 feet high), without leaving any tracks. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing allow us to build and modify our equipment to meet the exact specifications of virtually any concrete sawing job. Our crew’s extensive knowledge and familiarity with our powerful concrete sawing machines provide us with the necessary expertise to deliver exceptional results.

In fact, in addition to developing one of the industry’s leading verticle wall-cutting machines, our founders and technicians are also responsible for changing the national curb-cutting industry. Texas Cutting and Coring introduced the industry’s first horizontal curb-cutting machine, revolutionizing concrete services in Texas and beyond. With this innovation, the experts at Texas Cutting and Coring have driven a number of additional industry practices designed to accomplish labor-intensive tasks with greater ease and precision. Our revolutionary machinery is among the best in the business for providing long-lasting, professional results.

Our specialized operators are intensively trained in all forms of wall sawing methods and are committed to upholding the safest working environment. Our clients know that they can rely on Texas Cutting and Coring to complete their projects on time, on budget and with impeccable workmanship.

Texas Concrete Sawing Services

At Texas Cutting and Coring, our various types of concrete sawing services span a broad range of materials and machinery for every kind of residential or commercial project. In addition to our unique wall sawing machines, here are just some of the types of concrete sawing we offer through our Texas offices:

  • Diesel and electric flat sawing, used for horizontal surfaces such as bridges, roads, concrete floor slabs, control joints, and sidewalks, is used for steel reinforced concrete and asphalt. Our Texas Cutting and Coring experts use a diamond blade mounted on an electric or gas powered saw for precision cuts. Electric saws are ideal for indoor use or where there is limited ventilation, while diesel saws are typically used only outdoors.
  • Our wire sawing machine offers either continuous or oscillating precision cuts, using a metal wire or cable for small areas where a concrete saw cannot be used. Wire saws use a small “kerf,” or multi-strand wire-cable fitted with industrial diamonds, as a blade. Through an adjustable pulley system, wire sawing allows for controlled demolition with minimal surrounding damage and can accommodate cuts in any direction. This option is among the most versatile concrete cutting methods.
  • Our early entry sawing services incorporate specially designed blades for stable handling and efficient results in all kinds of concrete. Our early entry saws with vacuum systems can penetrate even the densest commercial structures and can help to prevent future cracking and joint stress. Our technicians have decades of expertise assisting developers and construction managers with early entry sawing needs.

In addition to our industry-leading wall sawing services, our team also provides the means and methods of concrete removal as well as sequencing for the fastest and safest way to dismantle any structure. With Texas Cutting and Coring, you can trust that our precise, clean craftsmanship will leave the surrounding construction area free of damage.

Additional services provided by Texas Cutting and Coring include:

  • Concrete barrier wall removal
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Diamond grinding
  • Conduit and rebar mapping services
  • Concrete x-ray services
  • High-risk concrete surveys
  • Dowel drilling
  • Concrete coring
  • Post-tensioned concrete
  • Decommissioning services

Serving Clients Across the US

In addition to the above listing of residential and commercial concrete services we provide, Texas Cutting and Coring also provides a range of services including concrete sealing, curb cutting and concrete break and removal. We lead the industry in full-service concrete contracting services in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, College Station and surrounding Texas locations. Texas Cutting and Coring has also grown rapidly to provide services to a range of companies nationwide. Whatever the project, our team of experts always apply precise craftsmanship and leave the surrounding area clean and free of damage.

Other specialty services include:

  • Bridge parapet and barrier wall demolition
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Core drilling
  • Diesel and electric flat sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Early entry sawing with a vacuum system

Since its inception in 1997, Texas Cutting and Coring has been committed to providing clients with the highest level of concrete sawing services available in Texas. Since then, we have expanded our reach and expertise to clients nationwide, and have completed projects in California, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and more.

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