• Texas Curb Cut
    Our custom-built curb cutting machines are simply revolutionary in quality and accuracy. Our curb cutting specialties include: widening driveways, creating driveway approaches, establishing ADA (wheelchair accessible) ramps, and bridge parapit wall cutting.
  • Texas Cutting & Coring
    We provide concrete cutting and coring services for any size construction project. Our specialties include: Diesel and electric flat sawing, control joint sawing, soff cutting, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, and break, removal and demolition. Be sure to ask about our concrete scanning before you core!
  • Texas Concrete Sealing
    Almost all damage to concrete is attributable to moisture intrusion: alkali-silica reaction (ASR), chemical intrusion, freeze/thaw, and corrosion of reinforcements. Protect your next construction project with Texas Concrete Sealing. We specialize in control joint and expansion joint sealing.
  • Texas Concrete Scanning
    Scan before you cut to locate hidden obstructions in concrete! Concrete scanning - also known as GPR scanning - provides a real-time internal view of concrete slabs, walls and structures. The process is safe (no radiation), accurate and considerably more time efficient than x-ray.
Concrete Break & Removal


Concrete Break & Removal

Texas Curb Cut offers a full range of concrete breaking and concrete removal services for projects in Texas and beyond. As we have grown over the years, we have expanded our concrete removal services to clients nationwide, taking on projects in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and more.

Concrete break and concrete removal are among our most requested services. Our experienced technicians have developed custom equipment and techniques to help break and/or remove concrete of any size and at any job site. Typically, the concrete structure is broken and pulverized in a controlled manner through the use of special tools so that the pieces of concrete are smaller and more manageable. The next step usually involves the use of heavy excavating equipment so that the pieces and/or pulverized concrete can be safely and efficiently removed. We always employ only the safest machinery and methods for removal of concrete from the construction site.

The following are just a few examples of projects where we provide concrete removal services:

  • Breaking and removal of concrete at residential, commercial or industrial sites
  • Concrete foundation demolition
  • Sidewalk or driveway removal and/or selective breaking and removal
  • Large-scale concrete removal from industrial construction sites

Among the many unique tools designed for controlled concrete break and removal that are available, our horizontal curb saws were developed and manufactured in-house by leading industry innovators. We have a variety of sizes and types of machinery designed to accommodate all concrete breaking and removal needs at your job.

Most projects requiring concrete breaking and removal services begin with the most effective method of breaking or demolition, depending on the job. Our Texas Cutting and Coring technicians may recommend pressure bursting, curb cutting or pneumatic and/or hydraulic breakers to break the concrete into smaller, more manageable pieces for removal. A “breaker,” or hammer-like device, may be mounted on a self-operating machine to break up the concrete of larger structures, if necessary. For the breaking and removal of concrete of buildings or complete structures requiring full demolition, a ball and crane machine is available as part of our industrial services options.

Experience You Can Count On

At Texas Curb Cut, making sure that all services are performed safely and in accordance with local and federal safety regulations is our top priority. Concrete breaking and removal is an area of industrial construction that requires strict safety precautions and specialty training for all staff involved. Here, all of our technicians receive intensive training in safe and effective breaking and hauling methods, to help maintain safety and compliance and keep your budget in-tact.

Numerous commercial clients in San Antonio and surrounding areas have utilized concrete breaking and removal services through Texas Curb Cut for major renovations and reconstructions. The following are just some of our recent projects:

  • Alamo Stadium – San Antonio, TX
  • Caterpillar – Seguin, TX
  • Deep Eddy Pool – Austin, TX
  • Life Time Fitness – San Antonio, TX
  • Highway I-10 – San Antonio, TX

Concrete Break & Removal
The majority of our customers are in need of a combination of industrial services. For your convenience, we provide a full range of products, tools and machinery to serve a wide variety of pre- and post-groundbreaking needs, including core drilling, GPR scanning, early entry sawing with a vacuum system and selective demolition.

When dealing with concrete breaking and removal, the experience is a must. Our team at Texas Cutting and Coring has the knowledge and equipment to tackle the most difficult concrete removal jobs. Every project big or small is handled with close attention to detail. We understand it’s these details that have made us who we are today!

Hire A Professional Concrete Demolition Team In Texas

When you hire Texas Curb Cut for your project, you know you’re getting a highly trained and experienced concrete demolition and removal crew. We have an extensive inventory of concrete breaking and concrete removal equipment to get the job done quickly and smoothly.

Whether you need an entire building demolished or just a partial demolition, we’re the team to call. Our project managers and concrete excavation operators will work closely with you to determine which of our equipment is best suited to get the job done to your specifications. Our advanced concrete breaking and removal equipment combine mobility and impact power to demolish concrete quickly and efficiently so that you’re never spending more than you need to.

Our licensed, bonded and insured workers always put safety first and have the necessary experience to ensure that safe working conditions are met. For fast, clean and affordable concrete breaking and removal, call Texas Cutting and Coring today!

Get An Estimate On Your Next Concrete Breaking And Removal Project

We offer concrete breaking and removal services to commercial, residential and industrial clients in Texas and nationwide. Call one of our offices today to get an estimate on your next project, or click on the Request a Quote button at the top of this page and someone will contact you shortly.

Not in Texas? Not a problem! Texas Curb Cut will come to you. We have completed projects across the U.S. including California, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and more.

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