Founded In 1997, Texas Curb Cut (Owners Tim and Charlynn Anger) spent months in the San Antonio market trying to convince home builders that we could save them “time and money” by allowing Texas Curb Cut to cut their curb vs. paying to have the curb and gutter  pulled and re poured. 

We literally couldn’t “give” away a cut… Discouraged, we pressed on. We knocked on doors, stopped by job sites and even met with city officials. It seemed change wasn’t going to be easy, especially when it dealt with changing the whole mind set of an industry.

Persistence paid off. It took convincing “one” company to allow us to cut one curb that would forever change the way curbs are formed in Texas.

Within 6 months, our customer base began to grow and so did the need for more curb machines. We soon found ourselves building curb machines at night and cutting curbs during the day.

Soon requests for other concrete services like “core drilling, flat sawing, wall sawing and “concrete removal” began coming in … Texas Cutting & Coring was formed.

Our development of new equipment and reputation for timely, professional work allowed for the continued growth. In 1998, the company expanded operations by adding a location in Austin, Texas. The company continued to expand its workforce.

In 2004, Matt Didier was brought on as a business partner. Matt brought with him 5 years at “Hard Rock Concrete Cutters” and 8 years with Diamond “B”. His years of experience and knowledge working in the concrete sawing industry have helped to shape the direction of the company.

We soon added 2 additional divisions; Texas Concrete Sealing (4/2008) and Texas  Concrete Scanning (10/2009).

In 2010, Dustin Anger took over as General Manager of the San Antonio office.

Last year – 2018, the company again expanded operations by adding a third location in College Station/ Bryan, Texas.

Texas Curb Cut / Texas Cutting & Coring and its divisions make us the most equipped and versatile concrete cutting, demolition contractor in the state of Texas.



Charlynn Anger


Timothy Anger

Vice President

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Mathew Didier


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Concrete/ General Manager

In 2002, Mr. Johnson joined the Texas Cutting & Coring team as part of a 2002 business acquisition. Part of his transition was to learn and understand the new business culture. 


Saftey Officer

In January of 2015, Mr. Vinklarek joined the Texas Cutting and Coring team with our Austin division.  He began his new job working in our safety department. 

Wendell Ramsey

Curb/ Safety Manager

In 2006, the company hired Mr. Ramsey as a concrete cutting technician. He learned to operate and run every piece of equipment and later was asked to assist with dispatch. 

Contract Billing

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Yesenia Jones


Larry Armstrong


Danny Reel

Curb/ Dispatch

Kristen Thompson

Human Resources

Justin Ketchum

Estimator/ Project Manager

Princes Alamo

Accounts Payable

Saul Santana Jr.

Concrete Dispatch

Clay Prasel

Estimator/ Project Manager

Fernando Montoya

Field Supervisor

Dave Holz

Field Supervisor

In May of 2001, Mr. Holz joined the Texas Curb Cut Team with 12 years of prior experience in the concrete cutting & coring industry. For the next few years, Dave used his experience to help shape and train his new co-workers. 

Field Supervisor

Myles Gonzales

Service/ Manager

Danny Reel

Billing/ Fleet Services

Glenn Tripp

Purchasing/ Blade Room

Raymond Anger

Website Administrator

In Dec. 2012, Mr. Anger was hired to assist the estimating team at our Austin division. Since then he has stepped in to assist operations within the sealing division and surface  preparations here in Austin.


Dustin Anger

General Manager

Greg Burley

Concrete/ Division Manager

Greg brings 3.5 years of experince in the concrete cutting industry. He was a field operator for 6 months with us prior to being promoted to supervisor and then into sales.


Saftey Officer

Office Manager

Jose Teran

Curb/ Field Supervisor

Ronnie Wilhite

Estimator/Project Manager

Ronnie started cutting concrete right out of high school. He brought to the team 1 year of prior experience. He started with us as a helper then moved to an flatsaw/core drill operator. 

Piete Marais

Mechanical Engineer

Pete brings to us 43 years of prior machining experience. Pete was involved with texas curb cut through his own machining company for 6 years helping build our curb cutting machines  before joining our team.

Curb/ Dispatch

Shelly Brietzke

Curb Billing/ Collections

Tomas Acevedo

Concrete/ Field Supervisor

Branden Ketchum

Service/ Manager

Kevin Belcher


Kris Gooding

General Manager

Greg Burley

Concrete/ Division Manager

Joseph Vinklarek

Saftey Officer

In January of 2015, Mr. Vinklarek joined the Texas Cutting and Coring team with our Austin division.  He began his new job working in our safety department. 


Office Manager


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