Robotic Demolition

Selective-Robotic Demolition in Austin, College Station and San Antonio

Texas Cutting and Coring offers a wide variety of Selective Robotic Demolition in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and elsewhere. 

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WHAT IS Selective Robotic Demolition ?

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Applications for Robotic Demolition

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Advantages of Robotic Demolition

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Selective & Robotic  Experience:

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Take a Closer Look

Selective Demolition in College Station, Austin, San Antonio and Beyond

At Texas Cutting and Coring, we carefully plan every element of your project, anticipate potential issues and come prepared with effective solutions. Whether you require extensive structural building renovations or a simple interior demolition, our team brings the same meticulous attention to detail to every project.

We offer affordable and professional selective demolition services including concrete barrier wall demolition and precise concrete cutting machinery. Our Texas Cutting and Coring technicians have years of experience and extensive training to serve a variety of clients and project types involving selective concrete demolition. We even manufacture our own exclusive top of the line concrete cutting equipment to ensure the best results for custom projects. Our in-house concrete cutting saws are perfect for virtually any and all selective demolition requests.

Texas Cutting and Coring has aided in selective demolition services at the following sites:

  • Highway bridges
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Schools
  • Large residential properties

Selective Demolition Techniques

We use a range of unique tools for selective demolition of concrete at Texas Cutting and Coring. Our specially designed machinery includes ride-on horizontal curb saws, an innovation in the cutting and coring industry. Among our many points of pride, our team of industry experts can also modify concrete cutting machinery to accommodate any size project requiring selective demolition. We are able to perform a wide variety of structural demolition services, including:

  • Dismantling
  • Pressure bursting
  • Pneumatic breakers
  • Hydraulic breakers

Dismantling services for selective demolition typically include concrete sawing, a technique involving cutting pieces and small sections out of the structure to be demolished. Pressure bursting involves the use of either mechanical devices or chemicals to drill holes into concrete and use lateral force to break the structure into smaller pieces during selective demolition. This is an especially controlled process designed to maintain the integrity of surrounding structures. Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers are often used for small to moderate selective structural demolition, employing the use of a “breaker” pressure tool, similar to a hammer that can be used for concrete. For larger structures, the “breaker” method may still be used by mounting the hammer to heavy machinery and operating it from a distance.

Though not typically used for selective demolition, a ball and crane machine is available if needed for larger projects, and may be used in conjunction with any of the techniques listed above. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we are capable of accommodating soft, hard and partial selective demolition for any concrete project, as well as perform total structural demolition through the use of explosives, where damage to surrounding structures is not a concern. Safety is our top priority in all projects in which we provide selective or structural demolition services. We have always aimed to adhere to the most stringent safety standards while providing top quality services and creating a safe work environment and working conditions for our staff and clients.

Many of our valued residential and commercial Texas Cutting and Coring clientele have employed the use of our selective demolition services. The following are just a few of our successful selective concrete demolition projects in Austin and surrounding cities:

  • Ikea – Round Rock, TX
  • Academy Sporting Goods Renovation – San Antonio, TX
  • Alamo Stadium – San Antonio, TX
  • Bass Concert Hall, University of Texas – Austin, TX
  • Jesse Jones Hall, University of Texas – Austin, TX

We have also provided selective demolition services for Highway 11 in New Orleans, LA and the Echo Summit Barrier Wall renovation in Lake Tahoe, CA.

We have performed numerous selective demolition projects in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and across the nation. Using the most advanced concrete demolition techniques in the industry, Texas Cutting and Coring has successfully prepared numerous structures and facilities for reconstruction and adaptive use.

Get an Interior Demolition Project Estimate

Need an estimate on your selective demolition or structural demolition project? Simply click on the Request a Quote button at the top of our website, or give one of our offices a call and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

We are best known for our ability to work efficiently and safely under challenging conditions and tight time frames. Our clients’ needs always come first and our experienced project managers go above and beyond to exceed expectations for every project. Reliability, superior customer service, and high-quality results are what set us apart from other demolition companies in Texas.

We have a large team of highly trained personnel and top of the line equipment to meet all of your selective demolition needs. The success of any project depends on a knowledgeable crew of innovators and problem solvers equipped to handle all phases of demolition. Our professional staff is renowned for their precision work and has an outstanding reputation when it comes to safety and customer satisfaction.

Texas Cutting and Coring has completed numerous selective demolition projects for clients both large and small across the nation. As we have grown throughout the years, our team has expanded its services and expertise to clients in California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and beyond. No matter where you are or what your needs, Texas Cutting and Coring can provide you with a complete start-to-finish solution for total, interior, and selective demolition projects.


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