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Concrete grooving is a texturing technique wherein patterned grooves are created along concrete surfaces to improve skid resistance and improve overall safety. Concrete grooving is commonly performed on bridges, roadways, runways and boat ramps.

During inclement weather, grooved concrete helps aid in the displacement of water between the vehicles’ tire tread and the concrete surface, making it very accommodating to high-speed traffic areas. This technique improves water drainage and can dramatically reduce the risk of hydroplaning.


Hydroplaning on any road is dangerous, but hydroplaning on a bridge can be especially perilous for obvious reasons. Grooving bridge surfaces is especially important to increase traction and prevent hydroplaning.


Equally, hydroplaning on a runway can no doubt be disastrous, especially considering the high speeds at which aircraft touches down. The FAA has concluded that transverse-grooved surfaces drastically reduce skids of all types, enabling shorter braking distances even on wet concrete.

Texas Cutting and Coring provides both airports and The Department of Transportation with innovative concrete grooving techniques to restore runway and roadway friction.  Our advanced concrete grooving machinery and techniques help to extend the longevity, functionality, and performance of these surfaces.

Farming & Agriculture

Concrete grooving is also widely used in the farming and agriculture industry. It is a common practice to provide a safer and less slippery floor for livestock. Many cows are lost and injured every year due to slippery floors. Barn alleys, free stalls, holding areas and barnyards can all become a potentially hazardous environment for livestock if the floor becomes too slick. After years of scraping floors to clean them, textured concrete can begin to wear down and become too slippery for the hooves of cows.

Concrete grooving provides a safer footing surface for cows and people alike. For cattle, the 90-degree angle that grooving machines create allow their hooves to better catch the sharper edge as compared to the “rounded” edge that stamping wet concrete creates. Concrete grooving is the quickest and most cost-effective way to save livestock from injurious and potentially deadly falls.

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