Rebar and Conduit Mapping

Texas Curb Cut is one of the leading providers of Ground Penetrating Radar services in Texas. Rebar and conduit mapping is something our GPR team does on a regular basis. Whenever there is a need to make floor penetrations on an elevated slab, it’s essential to get as much information as you can regarding what’s embedded in the concrete. Whether you are core drilling, drilling for anchor bolts or saw cutting, having this information is imperative to avoid the compromise of any utilities.

Advanced GPR Services

Texas Curb Cut’s GPR service is a great tool for scanning and locating:

  • Post tension cables
  • Rebar
  • Conduits
  • Pipes
  • Utilities
  • Wire mesh
  • Sewer lines

Rebar and conduit mapping with GPR is important to ensuring general job safety and avoiding costly mistakes and project delays. The concrete scanning process is completely non-destructive and radiation-free. GPR allows our technicians to “see” into the concrete in real-time using 3D imaging technology. The equipment uses electromagnetic waves to distinguish variations in the reflected return signal. This occurs whenever the waves encounter a buried object or boundary of differing subsurface materials.

The collected data is processed in real-time, rendering high-resolution images of the exact location of post tension cables, rebar, electrical conduits and other objects. Our technicians are able to review a ‘top-down’ and cross-sectional view of the area under examination for a comprehensive evaluation.

Our extensively trained GPR technicians are able to quickly and precisely map the location of rebar, conduits and other commodities beneath or within the surface concrete. When finished with the GPR scanning process, our techs will mark the locations of the identified objects. Our GPR professionals will clearly communicate all findings to the on-site Superintendent to ensure comprehension of the markings. Once concrete scanning for rebar and conduit mapping is complete, the client will be able to confidently and safely move forward with the job.

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Texas Curb Cut helps clients keep projects on schedule and on a budget by alerting them to where problem areas may exist. We use the most technologically advanced GPR scanning equipment in the industry to get you the tangible data you need to make critical decisions. Our crew of certified GPR technicians is intensively trained in concrete scanning and rebar and conduit mapping techniques. This fundamental combination enables us to deliver superior and all-inclusive GPR scanning services to clients of any size.

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