• Texas Curb Cut
    Our custom-built curb cutting machines are simply revolutionary in quality and accuracy. Our curb cutting specialties include: widening driveways, creating driveway approaches, establishing ADA (wheelchair accessible) ramps, and bridge parapit wall cutting.
  • Texas Cutting & Coring
    We provide concrete cutting and coring services for any size construction project. Our specialties include: Diesel and electric flat sawing, control joint sawing, soff cutting, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, and break, removal and demolition. Be sure to ask about our concrete scanning before you core!
  • Texas Concrete Sealing
    Almost all damage to concrete is attributable to moisture intrusion: alkali-silica reaction (ASR), chemical intrusion, freeze/thaw, and corrosion of reinforcements. Protect your next construction project with Texas Concrete Sealing. We specialize in control joint and expansion joint sealing.
  • Texas Concrete Scanning
    Scan before you cut to locate hidden obstructions in concrete! Concrete scanning - also known as GPR scanning - provides a real-time internal view of concrete slabs, walls and structures. The process is safe (no radiation), accurate and considerably more time efficient than x-ray.

Post-Tensioned Concrete

Post-Tensioned Concrete

At Texas Curb Cut, we serve a range of diverse clients and projects. Our technicians have expert knowledge of various concrete cutting and coring techniques and have completed major projects in College Station, Waco, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. No matter what the task, we employ professionals with extensive experience in using the latest machinery and finishing methods, ensuring a long-lasting concrete surface that is free of separation, breakage and cracking. Our team understands that each job should be approached with the individual needs of the client in mind, and have worked with hundreds of clients in need of post-tensioned concrete services, as well as provided various inspection, curb cutting and core drilling bids in Texas and beyond.

Reinforced Through Highly Activated Methods

Post-tensioning is simply a technique that is used to reinforce concrete. Though it looks just like traditional reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete is reinforced through more highly “activated” methods, meaning that the supports inside of concrete actively maintain more tension and give the concrete added strength and durability. To apply post-tensioning to concrete, post-tensioning tendons are inserted before the concrete is poured. The tendons, comprised of plastic sleeves with steel cables inside, are pulled so they are taught and anchored against the outer edges of the concrete to reinforce the structure. Once dried, they are ready for weight-bearing construction.

Pre-stressing the steel tendons is also part of the process of post-tensioning concrete. This method is intended to pull or tension the steel cables before the concrete is put in place to support weight-bearing loads. Most post-tensioned concrete includes steel inserts that were pre-stressed before the concrete was cast. Tension to the tendons is applied after the concrete is poured but before the concrete is cured and used to support a heavy load in its final structural location.

Family-Owned Facilities

At our family-owned Texas Curb Cut facilities, our team is skilled in addressing a multitude of concrete and curb cutting needs. We specialize in post-tensioning and other reinforcement techniques to ensure strong, durable concrete at your project site. Whether consulting on a personal or commercial project, our knowledgeable team of experienced technicians can accommodate a range of post-tensioned concrete services for your home, business or contracted job. Texas Curb Cut can provide comprehensive consulting services for the life of your project, from manufacturing and construction to post-construction maintenance, and beyond.

Post-tension concrete is among our specialty services offered in Austin, Waco, College Station, San Antonio and other Texas sites. Our team understands the importance of consistently delivering excellence on-time and at affordable prices. To further explore our post-tensioned concrete services and see examples of our work, visit our projects page, or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with post-tensioning services in your area. For a timely and accurate estimate, click the Request a Quote button or give us a call today!

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