High-Risk Concrete Surveys

Texas Curb Cut has years of experiencing consulting on and providing services for high-risk concrete surveys in and around Texas. As a developer and manufacturer of industry-leading machinery, we use the latest methods for completing jobs in high-risk sites or involving challenging materials. We understand the importance of safety and preservation of your construction site and offer only the highest quality services to help maximize your investment and stay on schedule with construction projects. Our seasoned team of expert technicians is adept at assessing and completing the services you need, even in a high-risk situation.

Early Entry Sawing with Vacuum System Services

For example, our crew can determine if early entry joint saw cutting is needed for concrete that is “green” or is at high risk for cracking or breakage. There is only a brief window of time to determine if these services are needed and, if so, appropriate next steps. This method of sawing is ideal for cutting control joints, in order to prevent internal stress cracks or fractures from forming within the concrete as time wears on. Sawing the control joints may be a crucial first step in ensuring the lasting structure and strength of your concrete site. Texas Curb Cut offers the latest in early entry sawing with vacuum system services to help any size concrete pour stay free of cracks and breakage. Our experts in this area utilize a wide range of saw blades and vacuum equipped saws for any type of concrete and in a variety of commercial applications.

Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR Scanning Services

Our Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR scanning services, are an essential tool in high-risk concrete surveys. GPR scanning is a geophysical technique that pulses radar waves through concrete and earth to explore underground while maintaining the integrity of the ground surface and the surrounding area. The radar scanning system uses electromagnetic waves to pick up any changes in the reflected return signal, caused by detection of a buried object or an unusual change in subsurface materials. With this technology, our crew is able to generate detailed visual data of the structure and composition of the sub-level material during high-risk concrete surveys, if needed. At Texas Curb Cut, our GPR scanning equipment employs cutting edge technology, using electromagnetic waves instead of x-ray sensors to accurately investigate below ground. Our assessments, using the GPR system, can be critical to engineering and development decisions, and can also help our experts to determine the location of faulty structural supports and hidden voids, among other dangerous safety hazards that may cause complications for future drilling and construction projects. The following are examples of the hazards that we can locate through 3D GPR scanning:

  • Buried voids
  • Air voids
  • Conduit cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Pipes
  • Post-tension cables
  • Re bar

Our team consists of certified GPR technicians who are trained extensively in sub surface utility engineering. We have provided our exclusive GPR scanning capabilities to a wide variety of clients in need of high-risk concrete services in Texas and nationwide.

High-Risk Concrete Surveys in Austin, San Antonio, and More

At Texas Curb Cut, we understand that detecting the presence of high-risk factors is a crucial step in the construction process. We have experience in a variety of commercial and industrial projects in this specialty.

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