Decorative Sawing

At Texas Curb Cut, we offer decorative sawing & other various types of equipment and hand sawing services. Our professional technicians have experience completing both large and small concrete jobs utilizing a powerful hand saw for precise, intricate decorative cuts. We offer top-of-the-line equipment and precision hand saws to create unique, diverse decorative concrete designs. Whatever kind of concrete sawing services you need, we have the equipment and experience to exceed your highest expectations.

We feature concrete hand sawing tools and custom built machinery that enable our technicians to make the most delicate of decorative cuts, even in areas with limited accessibility. Our Texas Curb Cut founders developed their own brand of in-house curb cutting machinery to meet our Texas clients’ unique needs. Among our many “firsts” over the last two decades, our team is responsible for manufacturing our horizontal curb cutting machine. The company continues to hire only the most accomplished experts in operating concrete hand saws with diamond grinding capabilities, as well as a host of other commercial services.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our decorative sawing techniques employ the latest, leading-edge industry methods. Through the use of precise diamond blade technology, our hand saws can achieve any style of decorative design, including both curved and straight lines, cutouts, sculptural details and more. We offer various concrete saws that run on electricity, gas or hydraulics, whatever the job calls for. Our technicians prioritize regulated safety measures at all times on and around the job site to produce safe, effective and timely results. At Texas Curb Cut, our experts can add a decorative flair to your residential or commercial construction project, including in those hard-to-reach areas.

We offer a variety of options for your project via our concrete hand sawing services team. At your initial comprehensive consultation, our experts may recommend hand sawing and/or wire sawing services and techniques, depending on your desired results and the job site requirements. We have served numerous decorative sawing clients all over Texas, including San Antonio, Waco, College Station and elsewhere in the state. As a leader in curb cutting and concrete sawing services, we aim to provide unmatched detail and add a touch of fine craftsmanship to your next project.

We are experts in the following methods of decorative sawing:

  • Wire sawing employs a “blade” that is actually a cable covered in diamond beads. The cable is operated through the use of a high-tech pulley system that assists it in cutting through concrete surfaces. Wire sawing is ideal for adding decorative elements to areas of limited accessibility.
  • Hand sawing is commonly used for areas that cannot be accessed by larger machinery. We may recommend the use of a hand saw through electric, gas, or hydraulic means, depending on the nature of the job and the design you hope to achieve. Our hand saws also utilize diamond blades for the most precise cuts and definition.

In addition to decorative sawing services, we offer diesel and electric flat sawing, curb cutting, wall sawing and early entry sawing with vacuum system services.

Our Decorative Sawing Clients

Our company has led the industry in concrete hand sawing services for almost two decades. Our client base has expanded outward from the state of Texas in since we opened our doors to include jobs in California, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and elsewhere across the U.S. Our expert team here at Texas Curb Cut serves a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, as well as civic and transportation sectors all over the state. Contact us today for a quick quote on your decorative sawing project, or Request a Quote on our website. We look forward to helping you with your next project!

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