Concrete X-Ray (GPR)

Texas Cutting and Coring has provided concrete “x-ray”, or GPR services for clients in Texas for many years. Our cutting-edge machinery developed in-house at our Texas facility, leads the industry not only in curb-cutting but also a wide variety of complete concrete fabrication and demolition services. Texas Cutting and Coring technicians are dedicated to upholding safety standards at all job sites, ensuring a construction environment that is free of hazards and other harmful elements. We’ve found that a potentially high-risk environment can benefit from the use of concrete “x-ray” tools and other machinery to help you to thoroughly evaluate the work site while staying on-schedule and on-budget.

Concrete “x-ray”, or  GPR,  is commonly used to identify anomalies within the concrete of buildings, bridges and other cement structures. Anomalies that can be recognized by 3D concrete “x-ray” technology include air voids, fiber optic cables, post-tension cable, pipes, rebar, and conduit. As a critical step in the planning process of any construction project involving concrete, you should scan for objects and track their location and depth before cutting, coring or drilling the cement.

Texas Cutting And Coring – GPR Scanning Services

At Texas Cutting and Coring, we highly recommend our GPR scanning services for those in need of a subsurface concrete “x-ray” survey. GPR is a geophysical method that uses the pulse of radar waves to penetrate the surface of the concrete without physically disturbing the ground layer or the surrounding area. This system scans the area with radar and electromagnetic waves and identifies unusual subsurface materials by alerting the user to a unique return signal. With years of experience using this innovative technology, our Texas Cutting and Coring crew can provide extensive details about any sub-level material found during the GPR scan and help to determine next steps in the planning process for your project.

Though commonly referred to as a “concrete x-ray,” GPR scanning equipment at Texas Cutting and Coring use the latest in electromagnetic wave technology instead of x-ray sensors to detect subsurface obstructions or hazards. The data provided by our innovative GPR system is crucial to engineers and developers at the planning stage of any construction project, helping them to determine the location of weak or broken structural supports, hazardous cables, and pockets of air, among other dangers that can complicate planning and delay build-out of a construction project.

Concrete x-ray, or 3D GPR scanning, can identify the following subsurface hazards:

  • Air Voids
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Post-tension cables
  • Pipes
  • Rebar
  • Conduit cables
  • Buried voids

The Texas Cutting and Coring team comprises the top certified GPR technicians in their field, with extensive training in subsurface utility engineering. Clients have utilized our comprehensive GPR scanning technology to serve their diverse building projects in Austin, San Antonio and across the state of Texas.

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At Texas Cutting and Coring, we understand the necessity of detecting potential high-risk factors in the early stages of a construction project. Let us assist you using our concrete x-ray technology to thoroughly evaluate your work site. Our scanning services can help to address possible hazards that could impact your plans and delay your schedule. We have years of experience in this aspect of commercial and municipal construction. Call-Us or request a quote online to begin your consultation, today!

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