Concrete Pavement Services

A Texas Cutting and Coring, we understand the importance of paving and sealing the concrete to preserve the condition and prevent cracks and deterioration. We offer a wide variety of concrete pavement services in and around Waco, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. Our expert technicians have experience in the latest machinery and high-quality paving methods, ensuring a smooth surface that is built to last, free of cracking, breakage and separation. Our crew of seasoned professionals at Texas Cutting and Coring has worked with dozens of clients in need of assessment and finishing for industrial projects including concrete pavement and control and expansion joint sealing services.

Control and Expansion Joint Sealing Services

Concrete tends to contract and expand, sometimes extensively in severe climates, due to moisture and inclement weather. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we aim to help control these fluctuations that can cause damage and major cracks in concrete surfaces. We offer protection against unsightly and dangerous concrete cracks in concrete in the form of planned joints. Through this process, we locate the best place for a controlled crack and install it in the concrete. This controlled joint creates a man-made relief point, as opposed to letting the cracks form naturally, allowing the structure to efficiently expand and contract. We also offer joint sealants to seal the area between two or more substrates. While this may seem to be a minor element of a concrete construction project, it is an essential step toward keeping the structure protected from new cracks due to air or water damage. All of our sealants are of the highest quality and follow industry standards for joint location and functionality. The methods and materials used by our Texas Cutting and Coring crew are high-performance, designed to accommodate structural and thermal shifts and permanently retain adhesion between surfaces.

Concrete Pavement at Texas Cutting and Coring

At Texas Cutting and Coring, our team of experts can help with all of your concrete pavement needs. We specialize in a variety of techniques to prevent cracks and ensure smooth, level paving of your project site. Whether the job is large or small, our technicians can accommodate paving needs for all of your commercial, industrial, and long-range transportation projects. We offer full-service contract and consulting services to fulfill all your construction needs for the duration of your concrete paving project, from GPR scanning and early entry sawing to concrete sealing services, in Texas and beyond. We specialize in expansion and control joint sealing in Austin, College Station, San Antonio, Waco, and elsewhere in Texas. Our experts understand the importance of timely and affordable concrete pavement services. Contact us today to explore some of our past pavement and sealing projects, and to learn more about how we can help you. For an estimate of concrete pavement services at Texas Cutting and Coring, click the Request a Quote button or give us a call today! Austin (512) 447-4477 College Station (979) 704-5009 San Antonio (210) 637-6869 Laredo/Rio Grande Valley (956) 795-0123 Waco (254) 235-8686