• Texas Curb Cut
    Our custom-built curb cutting machines are simply revolutionary in quality and accuracy. Our curb cutting specialties include: widening driveways, creating driveway approaches, establishing ADA (wheelchair accessible) ramps, and bridge parapit wall cutting.
  • Texas Cutting & Coring
    We provide concrete cutting and coring services for any size construction project. Our specialties include: Diesel and electric flat sawing, control joint sawing, soff cutting, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, and break, removal and demolition. Be sure to ask about our concrete scanning before you core!
  • Texas Concrete Sealing
    Almost all damage to concrete is attributable to moisture intrusion: alkali-silica reaction (ASR), chemical intrusion, freeze/thaw, and corrosion of reinforcements. Protect your next construction project with Texas Concrete Sealing. We specialize in control joint and expansion joint sealing.
  • Texas Concrete Scanning
    Scan before you cut to locate hidden obstructions in concrete! Concrete scanning - also known as GPR scanning - provides a real-time internal view of concrete slabs, walls and structures. The process is safe (no radiation), accurate and considerably more time efficient than x-ray.

Concrete Grinding Company

Concrete Grinding Services

Among our many services designed around full-service concrete fabrication and construction, Texas Cutting and Coring provides concrete grinding services for all of your smoothing and finishing needs. We lead the industry among concrete grinding companies, employing only the top technicians and state-of-the-art diamond grinding tools and machinery. Our experts use specialized diamond blades to help level concrete surfaces, smooth surface imperfections and eliminate raised joints and cracks. Our team of experienced professionals has provided hundreds of clients in Waco, San Antonio and Austin with smooth, stunning results.

Concrete Grinding – Diamond Blades

How do you grind something as hard as concrete down to a smooth finish? The answer is diamonds! We use specialized saw blades covered in a combination of synthetic diamond crystals and metal powders, fused together with a powerful industrial-grade bonding agent. These materials are specially engineered to penetrate extremely dense surfaces while keeping their integrity under rigorous wear and tear. Using leading-edge diamond blades for concrete grinding, our Texas Cutting and Coring technicians can help remedy any unsightly and unsafe imperfections in the concrete surfaces at your work site. Concrete grinder services can be especially helpful in smoothing out your concrete to achieve an even, level surface.

Common issues requiring concrete grinder services include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Uneven joints
  • Surface deterioration
  • Raised bumps and cracks
  • Potholes or breaks
  • Rough surface texture

After concrete grinding, you may also consider a sealant for your concrete surface. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we also offer joint sealants and other preventative services to maintain the lasting integrity of your cement building materials. This step can provide peace of mind and ensure that your concrete will be protected from damage caused by air, water, and other surface elements. All team members at Texas Cutting and Coring use only the highest-grade materials and machinery to deliver excellent results every time.

Among Texas’ Premier Concrete Grinding Companies

Texas Cutting and Coring remain one of the state’s most reputable concrete grinding companies. We specialize in techniques using top-of-the-line diamond blades to deliver the smoothest finish possible on concrete floors, walls, beams curbs and more. Whatever the size of the job, our technicians have the skills and equipment to provide professional results for any industrial project. We offer a range of full-service contracting and consulting services to meet your concrete grinding needs, as well as other services including GPR scanning, curb cutting, sealing and joint sealing, and more.

We specialize in concrete grinding and finishing in Austin, Waco, College Station, San Antonio and all over the great state of Texas. Our seasoned experts at Texas Cutting and Coring continue to make timely and affordable concrete pavement services a top priority for all of our clients. Contact us today to see some examples of our work, browse our full list of services offered and to learn more about how we can help you with your project. For a concrete grinding estimate or to get a quote on another service we provide, click the Request a Quote button or give us a call today!

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