Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete Operator cutting up concrete slab inside parking garage in downtown Austin, TX.
Flat Sawing Services

Concrete cutting is a technique that’s used both in demolition and repair. While the term refers to concrete only, the strategy and tools employed can be used on a variety of materials including asphalt, tile, masonry, and brick as well.

The majority of concrete saws used in demolition and construction have diamond blades. However, there is no one size fits all solution, which is why it is essential that you enlist the help of a professional for your concrete cutting projects. This will ensure that the job is done right and that structural soundness in maintained.

At Texas Cutting and Coring, we developed our own custom Barrier wall, curb-cutting and wall-cutting machines in-house, leading the industry in innovative and effective concrete cutting tools and machinery.

Our leading-edge supplies employ state of the art techniques to get the job done right for any kind of residential or commercial project. Our equipment is designed to provide precision cuts with minimal disruption to the surrounding area and nearby structures.

In addition, to curb cutting and wall sawing, the following are just some of the services we provide to our valued clients:


Concrete Cutting Saws

Stack of different size wall saw blades
Stack of different size Diamond Saw Blades.

Saw blades vary in size and makeup for a series of reasons – one of them being that concrete materials differ greatly in their content. Reinforced concrete, for example, contains steel; other concrete and asphalt contains rocks or pebbles. Saw operators must also correctly choose the appropriate power source, saw strength, and the suitable speed and vibration settings. Choosing the incorrect saw blade for the circumstances can negatively impact safety and efficiency on the job.

Created in the 90’s by our experienced technicians, our custom fabricated horizontal curb saw for driveways, ramps and parking lots is one of our proudest accomplishments. Our custom curb saw is designed to be modified as necessary to perform clean, precise cuts. Though they have become a necessity in parking lots and along access ways nationwide, we were first to create curb ramps with the use of our horizontal curb saw, effectively providing state of the art concrete curb-cutting services via a far less labor-intensive method.

Crew of Texas Cutting & Coring employees cutting a new poured slab out at Fort Hood, TX.
Early Entry Saw cutting on freshly poured concrete slab.

where needed, using specially designed saw blades for stable handling and precise results in all concrete types. Our saws for early entry cuts are vacuum equipped for a variety of industrial jobs. This kind of sawing is necessary to reduce excess cracking and reduce joint stress. Our technicians have assisted numerous site managers, developers and construction planners with evaluating early entry sawing needs for a wide range of commercial projects.

In need of additional services using the latest and greatest concrete saw tools? At Texas Cutting and Coring, with a wide range of saws and saw blades, we have the right machinery for any application. Whether you are looking to cut a large concrete wall or small, hard-to-reach surface, we can help match your project with the best tool for the job. The following are among our most effective and commonly used concrete cutting methods and machines:

  • Wall sawing – our wall-sawing machinery was custom-built, in-house, to be able to cut horizontally and vertically up to 14 feet, with no visible tracks. We can also develop customized machinery to accommodate any concrete cutting need.
  • Diesel and electric flat sawing – commonly used for horizontal surfaces such as bridges, roads, concrete floor slabs, control joints and sidewalks, this type of concrete cutting can even penetrate steel reinforced concrete and asphalt. We use a diamond blade mounted on an electric or gas powered saw, which allows for a one-man-operated, lightweight machine. Diesel and electric flat sawing is often used for large-scale highway cutting and concrete trench work and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Wire sawing – Using a metal wire or cable instead of a blade for cutting, and offering both continuous and oscillating applications, wire saws are often ideal for areas where a larger saw could not reach. Wire saws use a multi-strand wire-cable fitted with industrial diamonds and an adjustable pulley system to precisely penetrate concrete. Wire sawing is among the most versatile concrete sawing techniques available for its ability to utilize wires of various widths and lengths and cut in tight spaces in all directions.

Our Expertise in Concrete Cutting

Since concrete cutting for demolition, removal, or repair is a specialized job that can have significant consequences if done incorrectly, every one of our employees is extensively trained and certified. With decades providing these services in Texas and across the nation, we’ve earned a reputation with our clients because of the efficiency, attention to detail, and focus upon safety that has been instilled in each member of our team.

Skid steer removing panels of recently cut concrete and loading into a dump truck.
Concrete removal with Bobcat.

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