Concrete Cutting Tools & Supplies

Texas Cutting and Coring leads the industry in the development and production of a variety of high-quality concrete cutting tools and supplies. With our own in-house manufacturing and engineering facilities, our experts offer a range of specially designed tools, machinery, and equipment for all of your constructions needs, including a variety of commercial, transportation, military, airport and residential projects. From our customized wall-sawing machine to our precise curb cutting services, Texas Cutting and Coring can serve all of your concrete cutting needs.

Whatever the size of your project, Texas Cutting & Coring uses leading-edge, state of the art tools and supplies to get the job done right the first time. Our equipment is designed to endure rigorous use and ensure that each project meets the highest industry standards. The following are just some of the exclusive concrete cutting tools and supplies we offer at Texas Cutting and Coring:

  • Curb cutting
  • Wall Sawing
  • Diesel and electric flat sawing
  • Wire cutting
  • Early entry sawing with a vacuum system

Curb Cutting Saws

Created by Texas Cutting and Coring in the 90’s, our custom fabricated horizontal curb saw allows our technicians to provide specialized curb cutting services for commercial driveway entrances, ADA ramps, parking lots and access ramps. Our custom curb saw can also be modified to perform precise concrete bridge parapet sawing and chopping. As a necessity for wheeled mobility access and for those with disabilities, curb ramps are a consideration for nearly every public area and facility, nationwide. With the invention of our horizontal curb saw, the process of installing wheelchair ramps and modifying throughways is significantly improved, allowing for more timely and affordable construction that is far less labor-intensive.

Wall Saws

Our specially developed wall sawing machinery was custom-built, in-house, to achieve both horizontal and vertical cuts up to 14 feet high, without leaving any visible tracks. In fact, we have the ability to develop customized machinery to accommodate any concrete cutting job. The specialists at Texas Cutting and Coring have years of expertise operating our exclusive wall sawing machines, always according to rigorous industry and safety specifications. In addition to our innovative concrete wall sawing tools and supplies, we offer numerous concrete removal and demolition services in Texas and beyond.

Diesel and Electric Flat Saws

Diesel and electric flat sawing are used for horizontal surfaces such as bridges, roads, concrete floor slabs, control joints, and sidewalks. This type of concrete cutting is typically needed to penetrate steel reinforced concrete and asphalt. Our seasoned experts at Texas Cutting and Coring use a diamond blade mounted on an electric or gas powered saw for the most precise results. It only takes one technician to operate this walk-behind, lightweight machine, making it a smart option for trench cutting or large-scale highway concrete sites. Diesel and electric flat sawing are excellent for concrete trench work and large-scale highway cutting. Flat sawing most commonly incorporates diamond blades and is the go-to method for a broad array of concrete cutting projects. Electric units can be used indoors or where there is limited ventilation, while diesel saws may be used outdoors.

Wire Saws

Our wire sawing machine uses a metal wire or cable for cutting, ideal for projects in which a concrete saw cannot be used. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we offer both continuous and oscillating wire saws, depending on the demands of the particular project. Wire saws use a small kerf instead of a blade, made of a multi-strand wire-cable fitted with industrial diamonds. An adjustable pulley system allows the wire to cut through the concrete. Wire sawing is considered a highly controlled form of controlled demolition with minimal damage to surrounding areas, allowing the user to be largely removed from the machine while in operation, which makes for safe application. This method can accommodate cuts in any direction and can incorporate wire of any size or length, making this option among the most versatile concrete sawing techniques available.

Early Entry Saws

For sites that require early entry sawing services, our specially designed blades provide stable handling and efficient results in all types of concrete. Our early entry saws are vacuum equipped to penetrate highways and runways, as well as a variety of other commercial and industrial applications. Early entry sawing is ideal for preventing future stress-related cracks by cutting control joints in concrete. Our technicians have extensive expertise in assessing the needs of an early entry sawing site, providing crucial planning services to developers and contractors looking for impeccable workmanship and reliable service.

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