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Asphalt core drilling involves mechanically drilling into an asphalt road or highway, commonly used to access crucial utility controls such as water mains or pipe systems under the pavement. The process of asphalt core drilling may be necessary to accommodate other underground structures such as plumbing, sprinkler systems or manholes, as well as any additional construction specs that the project requires. Any transportation or commercial project involving asphalt can require asphalt core drilling, and the process requires a careful approach in order to maintain the existing asphalt and/or throughway as much as possible.

At Texas Cutting and Coring, our team of concrete cutting and core drilling experts has combined decades of experience in advanced drilling technology, capable of asphalt core drilling at any angle and to any depth. We feature leading-edge, customized asphalt core drilling equipment, designed to allow our technicians to provide services tailored to your job specification. Our team has worked with a variety of clientele on transportation and commercial construction involving asphalt core drilling in Austin, San Antonio and Round Rock, TX, as well as a host of other national projects.

The Process of Asphalt Core Drilling

Some aspects of core drilling are universal regardless of whether the surface is concrete or asphalt. Whatever the project, the first step is to anchor the drill core to guarantee the most accurate and precise drilling specifications. After lining up the machinery exactly, the drill bit is mounted and prepared on the unique equipment; a diamond drill bit for asphalt core drilling can help to ensure the sharpest and most accurate core penetration possible. After initial penetration, we also engage a crank, and water is used to help cool the drill while it is in use. The core, drill core and bit can be completely removed once the core is drilled down to the required depth.

Our Asphalt Core Drilling Experience

At Texas Cutting and Coring we have years of experience in a full range of asphalt core drilling projects. Our crew has performed crucial core drilling for civic and commercial projects for the city of San Antonio, including its Highway 1604 bridge drain, as well as Onion Creek, Academy and IKEA stores in and around Austin, TX. Our exclusive industry-leading core drilling machinery and methods always provide the most efficient services, with minimal noise, debris or impact to surrounding asphalt or attached ground structures.

We pride ourselves on upholding a distinctive service standard, centered on providing excellence in all aspects of the client experience. For every asphalt core drilling job, we aim to exceed your expectations, completing work in a timely and affordable fashion that is in-compliance required safety standards. In our extensive asphalt core drilling experience, we have encountered numerous kinds of jobs requiring this service, including those with limited access to the drilling site or in a confined space. Our technicians are adept at providing professional services regardless of the conditions, including more challenging locations and specifications. At Texas Cutting and Coring, we understand the uniqueness of each job. Let us be your reliable source for core drilling specialists in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and College Station!

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At Texas Cutting & Coring, we offer the highest quality asphalt core drilling services at competitive rates for Texas locations, and nationwide. We’re committed to providing reliable, reputable services to continue to lead the industry in this field. Call Texas Cutting and Coring today to get an estimate on your next commercial, residential and industrial asphalt core drilling project, or click the Request a Quote button. We look forward to working with you!

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