Concrete Cutting Services

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 What’s GPR Scanning?

What’s Barrier Wall Demolition? 

What’s Core Drilling? 

 What’s Flat Sawing?

What’s Bridge Rail Demolition?

 Early entry sawing is ideal for preventing future stress-related cracks by cutting control joints in concrete.

When it comes to removing concrete, we’ve pretty much got ya covered.

What’s Wire Sawing? 

Robotic Demolition ?

 What’s Curb Cutting?

 What’s Joint Sealing?

What are the advantages of Wall-Sawing?

Floor Grinding? 

What is Shot Blasting?

 It’s a surface preparation technique that uses small steel shots that are accelerated into the surface. Typically used in the concrete coating/ flooring industry to provide a  clean mechanical bond-able surface. 

What is concrete Scarifying?

Media-Sand Blasting?

Polished Concrete?  

How are they used?

What is flooring demolition?  

What’s XYPEX?


Locating unforeseen hazards is what we do. Before you Cut, Drill or Excavate. Let our team of certified technician's show you why GPR scanning is the difference and how we use it to keep you and your team safe.

To learn more about the advantages of GPR. Visit our GPR Service page.