North Dallas Tollway

One of the biggest challenges during a job like this was having to mobilize and demobilize all the equipment every night, as well as complete the work with only one lane closed in each direction. Another challenge was that the roadway must be cleared of all debris each night because the area that operators were working in opened back up to traffic the next morning. Conveniently, the use of concrete cutting addressed many of the challenges by increasing safety, reducing downtime and decreasing noise, dust and debris. The sections of barrier could have been crushed in place by excavators and hydraulic crushers with production rates of only 100 linear feet removed per night. However, diamond cutting offered production rates of up to 5,725 linear feet removed per 20-hour period. Additionally, diamond tools helped maintain structural integrity, made clean-up easier, reduced labor costs, limited lane closures and allowed for the cutting of some heavily reinforced concrete. A true win-win!


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